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Midorima : We’re going somewhere else
Others : ………………….

Me : Urmm… Welcome back? XD


Midorima : We’re going somewhere else

Others : ………………….

Me : Urmm… Welcome back? XD

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Takao Kazunari, smooth operator 


Takao Kazunari, smooth operator 

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Today’s mascot is the little plush shark. And… the intrusive teammate?

Shu-toku! Shu-toku!


me as Mirodima Shintarou

Ren as Takano Kazunari



~ -


Takao: You look like Kuroko…
Nigou: Arf!
Takao: Right! I knew you looked like someone, but I didn’t think it’d be Kuroko!
Nigou: (whines)
Takao: Ahaha, you wouldn’t know who Kuroko is, though. You know, you can never tell what he’s thinking, but he surprisingly has a hot side, too. He’s like a rival, I guess.
Nigou: Arf arf!
Takao: What is it, you’re wagging your tail so much! Are you happy being told that you look like my rival? You little!
Nigou: (cute noises)
Takao: Ahahaha! You’re good with people! But if you have a collar, you’re a pet, no? Where’s your master? Well, I’m waiting for someone right now, so you’re helping me kill time.
Nigou: ?
Takao: I’m meeting with my teammate. He’s smart, but he’s pretty weird here and there.
Nigou: Arf arf!
Takao: Oh, are you interested in Shin-chan?
Midorima: Oi, Takao.
Takao: Ah, Shin-chan! Wait, yukata!? Wow, you’re totally in the spirit!
Midorima: It’s today’s lucky item. That aside, Takao, if you crouch over like that and talk to yourself, people will think you’re weird.
Takao: Wah, Shin-chan is the only one I don’t want to hear that from.
Midorima: What do you mean?
Takao: I was talking to this dog!
Midorima: Dog? What are you talking about?
Takao: Eh? This one—huh? He’s gone!
Midorima: Takao, your lies are unsightly.
Takao: Nonono, he really was here! For him to escape my Hawk Eye, that Kuroko-dog is amazing.
Midorima: Was it a black dog?
Takao: No, he looked just like Kuroko.
Midorima: I’ll repeat, your lies are unsightly.
Takao: I’m telling the truth! He looked a lot like Kuroko! A warm little doggie.
Kagami: Um, the puppy you were talking about—!?
Midorima: !?
Takao: Oh, Kagami! Long time no see, or I guess not, some time no see.
Kuroko: Takao-kun, Midorima-kun.
Midorima: Why are you two at a place like this?
Kagami: Same to you, why are you here?
Midorima: It has nothing to do with you.
Kagami: And it’s nothing to do with you, either!
Takao: Okay, okay, calm down. We’re at a big fireworks festival, so these things happen.
Kuroko: Kagami-kun, this isn’t the time for an argument. We need to ask about Nigou.
Kagami: Oh, right. Hey, have you seen a dog that looks like Kuroko?
Takao: That was your dog?
Kagami: You saw him!? Where did he go?
Takao: He was here, but when I was talking to Shin-chan, he ran off somewhere…
Kagami: !?
Kuroko: Then, he must be in this area. Kagami-kun, let’s go look.
Kagami: Oh! Thanks, Takao!
Takao: I’ll let you know if we find him.
Midorima: What a noisy bunch. Let’s go, Takao.
Takao: Okay. Are we finding more lucky items today?
Midorima: That’s correct. My investigation yielded that there is a high chance that the special prizes at this festival will become lucky items someday. Tonight, I will do everything that is humanly possible.
Takao: Shin-chan is always so difficult. Well, it seems fun.
Midorima: This is the first stop.
Takao: Oh, a ring toss! Nostalgic! What are you aiming for?
Midorima: Of course, the special raccoon shigaraki plushie.
Takao: Is it a shigaraki or a plushie? Besides, you already have a raccoon!
Midorima: This one is bigger.
Takao: I thought that one was pretty big already!? It was a lot of work pedaling with that in the rear car!
Midorima: I will not back out. This raccoon is made of cloth and is lightweight.
Takao: Is that so.
Midorima: Hm?
Takao: You got it?
Midorima: No, based on my prior information, inside the prize shouldn’t have a food item inside. Has it been modified?
Takao: Where are you even getting this informa—ah!
Midorima: You’re too loud, Takao.
Takao: Look at that poster! Someone already got the prize.
Midorima: What!?

Himuro: That’s amazing, Atsushi, you got the big raccoon plushie. I’ve never seen anything like this.
Murasakibara: I tof you, I’m godo at id.
Himuro: Atsushi. Talk or eat—do only one thing at once.
Murasakibara: I told you, I’m good at it.
Himuro: I didn’t think your arm length would be advantageous at a ring toss.
Murasakibara: We got lots of snacks, too. It’s nice to walk through the stands. Mm? The thing that Murochin wanted, have you remembered it yet?
Himuro: About that… I remembered a little.
Murasakibara: Eh? What is it?
Himuro: It wasn’t something big. It’s something you can hold in your hand.
Murasakibara: Hm… eh? Is that it?
Himuro: Mm… You can’t tell with that much information, huh…
Murasakibara: Mm…
Himuro: Of course… I was very into it when I was young, but I can’t even recall—
Murasakibara: You don’t have to fret about it. You might remember more while we walk around.
Himuro: Atsushi… You’re right. Now, where should we go?
Murasakibara: I want to eat candy fruit. Then, I want to try hitting the cans.
Himuro: Then, let’s go.
Murasakibara: Mm!

[Translated by Violinic]

And that’s how Murasakibara unknowingly trolled Midorima all night long! Also, Takao is so cute! Midorima totally does not appreciate him enough!

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~ -


Midorima: First hitting the cans, and now darts—all the special prizes are gone! What is the meaning of this!?
Takao: How should I know? But the Golvanian Family House Set is so big anyway, you’d look really weird if you bring that home.
Midorima: Why do you think I brought you here?
Takao: Eh? Well, it’s a festival, so it’s like, let’s go with a friend.
Midorima: Hm?
Takao: Shin-chan, what is that face!? What do you think I am!?
Midorima: A servant.
Takao: Hey!
Koganei: It’s Midorima!
Takao: Eh? Oh, you’re Seirin’s guys.
Koganei: Have you seen a dog that looks like Kuroko?
Takao: Huh? You still haven’t found him yet?
Koganei: You know about it? That Nigou went missing?
Takao: We saw Kuroko not too long ago. But you haven’t found him, that’s really worrying. Right, Shin-chan?
Midorima: Not really.
Takao: I’m so sorry he’s a tsundere.
Midorima: Oi.
Koganei: Don’t worry about it. We’ve got tons of weird people, too. Right, Mitobe?
Mitobe: (nod nod)
Koganei: Are you guys together today?
Takao: Yeah. But I was just regretting it.
Midorima: Oi!

[Translated by Violinic]

Servant? Wrong anime Midorima! This is Takao Kazunari NOT Yutaka Hasebe! ^.^

Anyway, this ends the Kuroko’s Basketball audio Drama spam. Stay tuned for… stuff… why do I still have this tumblr? Ah, whatever!

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